Exhibition of a painting during the inauguration of the Venice Biennale of Visual Arts in June 2007, starting on 5 June.

WKC? consists of:

Showing a painting, a real painting, done by David Dalla Venezia in 2007, at the time and place where the splendour of contemporary art is celebrated.

A version of the theme of David and Goliath based on Caravaggio’s homonymous painting.

A simple painting that is shown as an example of painting, highlighting the evocative power of painting.

David has the artist’s features, while Goliath’s head is that of Maurizio Cattelan, a contemporary artist of note.

Cattelan, insofar as he embodies contemporaneity, is ironic, conceives his works but has others execute them, uses materials that are unappealing in and of themselves and shuns beauty and the sublime. In short, he is an anti-painter.

David vs. Goliath, Dalla Venezia vs. Cattelan, one picture vs. the Biennale, one window vs. the city, painting vs. contemporary art.

The painting will be exhibited inside a place in such a way that only it can be seen and only from the outside.